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VB – Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals

Leading The Way

Precision Medicine platform

Precision Based Medical Technologies

Precision Imaging and Nano-delivery Platforms

Diagnostic &Therapeutic Imaging/Treatment Pharmaceutical Platform

The strength of VB’s business model lies in its ability to integrate targeted diagnostic and therapeutic platform applications and exploit the development and commercialization of both traditional and alternative medicine such as cannabinoid-based medicine that include nuclear medicine and therapeutic applications to provide an approach to addressing certain forms of cancer, epilepsy, PTSD and other neurodegenerative disorders using proprietary technology and issued patents (IP).

VB’s methods, development, and replicable and scalable processes through the completion of Phase Zero will demonstrate the effectiveness and scalability for “Big Pharma” companies to execute long-term licensing agreements with VB to enable them to conduct phase I, II, & III human trials and receive FDA approval for global distribution through their own channels

Precision Based Medical Technologies

Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals (VB) IP coupled with our precision medicine, precision imaging, precision nano-delivery and imaging/treatment platforms drive value in a variety of ways:

1) Precision Medicine platform for integrating with traditional medicine with medical cannabinoids.

2) Precision Imaging and Nano-delivery Platforms allow for drug uptake to be visualized across multiple imaging platforms including PET and SPECT enabling determination of the correct dose of any drug for any patient.

3) Precision Imaging/treatment Platforms enable the determination of where the drug is being delivered and targeted in the body (location in the brain and organs).


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