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Theranostic products for Personalized Medicine

"Personalized Medicine", providing "the right patient with the right drug at the right dose at the right time"
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Translational Research directed towards Drug Discovery and Drug Developement

Taking drug processing and development from "bench to bedside"
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Comprehensive Regulatory Traditional and Non-traditional Drug Testing

Maintaining GLP/GMP regulatory standards for synthetic pharmaceuticals and natural pharmaceuticals (botanicals)
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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

QA/QC is Vyripharm's focus for enhancing public safety, public health and public awareness
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Development of Drug Delivery Systems

To deliver a drug dose in the right amount at the right time and with better efficacy
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Data Storage, Data Monoritoring

QC data with IT intergration

Translational Research.

Targeted treatment of debilitating diseases such PTSD. Vyripharm's translational research platform targets chronic disease states.

Novel Drug Development.

Pharmaceuticals and Radiopharmaceuticals. Vyripharm develops novel platforms for molecular imaging and therapy.

Products to fight Chronic Disease States.

Chronic Pain. Vyripharm's translational drug delivery platforms should reduce the 1.5 billion people suffering with chronic pain worldwide.