VT – Vyripharm Technologies

VT – Vyripharm Technologies

Agribiopharmaceuticals Data

In a rapidly changing market, VT is redefining the global technology landscape. We leverage the design of our blockchain technology and artificial intelligence platform to synthesize information that advances personalized, precision medicine.

Bridging the Big Data / IOT Gap with BI2TM:

BI2TM’s design is intended to bridge the gap between cultivators, processors, R&D, Global Pharma/biotechnology and the medical community. The blockchain data design contains an immutable ledger. Stakeholders at each step in the supply chain provide data that is collected, measured, tested, certified, verified, traced and tracked. Our technologies’ design is intended to disrupt and accelerate the traditional development and discovery process allowing us to shorten the average timeline from inception to commercialization”.

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Helping People Live Better Lives

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is Vyripharm’s focus for enhancing public safety, public health and public awareness.