Track, Trace & Certification

The VpH Regulatory Testing Platform is a Comprehensive Framework that provides sophisticated guidance for the industry.

Uniformity and Differentiation:

The Test, Trace, Track; Certification Program creates standards for agribiopharmaceutical based products providing traceable and safe products verified against defined legislation and regulations.

VPH’s approach:

VpH’s technologies contain the strongest claims for the evaluation, validation, and certification of products for human consumption, public health, and public safety.  The technology allows for the adoption of a standardized State and Federal compliance framework.

Vyripharm is in consistent communication with Federal and State agencies to assist with the improvement and efficiency of regulatory pathways that positively impact public health and public safety.

Why Comprehensive Testing?

Comprehensive Testing is key to regulation and uniform standards. It sets the standard by which the industry players and consumers can have confidence in the certification, validation and efficacy of all medical/non-medical products developed by the industry.

The VpH Test, Track, Trace & Certification Program is a tool that may effectively assist in public health and safety, increasing regulatory transparency and the provision of economic benefits for governments.

Intended Benefits:

Safeguarding Public Health & Safety
Increased Industry Transparency (State & Federal)
Increased Economic Benefits
Federal & State Risk Mitigation
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Helping People Live Better Lives

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is Vyripharm’s focus for enhancing public safety, public health and public awareness.