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Enhancing Public Safety and Public Health


The VpH Test, Track, Trace & Certification Program promotes public health and safety

U.S. Comprehensive Regulatory Testing Platform and Framework for Public Health and Safety

VpHs U.S. Federal and State Regulatory Testing Platform is a Comprehensive Framework that provide the most sophisticated guidance for industry.

  • Uniformity and normalization – FDA standards can allow for flexible implementation, while preventing the patchwork issues across the country.
  • Differentiation – Allows regulators, sellers, and consumers to properly distinguish recreational and medical products

VpH’s approach: We have developed a method of analyzing the quality and quantity of components in botanical products that can precisely measure compliance with product standards.

VpH proprietary technologies contain the strongest claims for the evaluation, validation and certification of products for human consumption, public health and public safety. The proprietary technology allows The United States to adopt a standardized State and Federal compliance guidance/ framework.

WHY COMPREHENSIVE TESTING? Comprehensive Testing is key to regulation and uniform standards. It sets the bar by which the industry players and users can have confidence in the certification, validation and efficacy of all medical/non-medical products developed by the industry.

VpH TRACK, TRACE & CERTIFICATION? The VpH Test, Track, Trace & Certification Program promotes public health and safety; increase regulatory transparency; and provide economic benefits for state governments. Other Benefits:

  • Public Health & Safety
  • Industry Transparency (State & Federal)
  • Economic Benefits
  • Federal & State Risk Mitigation


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