Precision Based Medical Technologies

We are revolutionizing healthcare as the leader in theranostics. We develop therapeutic and diagnostic agents for identification, diagnosis, and treatment. We use our theranostic platform for the development and advancement of traditional and alternative treatments.

Precision Medicine platform for integrating with traditional medicine with medical cannabinoids.

Precision Imaging and Nano-delivery Platforms allow for drug uptake to be visualized across multiple imaging platforms including PET and SPECT enabling determination of the correct dose of any drug for any patient.

Precision Imaging/treatment Platforms enable the determination of where the drug is being delivered and targeted in the body (location in the brain and organs).

  1. Diagnostic & Therapeutic Imaging/Treatment Pharmaceutical Platform

    VB’s technology integrates diagnostics and therapeutics for image-guided therapy that defines the treatment outcome at an early stage. Our technology transforms the patient experience from the initial diagnosis. Our technology brings precision imaging to both traditional medicine and agri-biopharmaceuticals. Our focus is to address infectious diseases, certain forms of cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

    VB’s replicable and scalable methods and processes will take a compound through the completion of Phase Zero. This establishes the opportunity for global pharmaceutical companies to execute long-term licensing agreements with VB. This partnership utilizes VB’s theranostic technology to advance drug development through Phase I, II, and III human trials, expediting the process to regulatory approval and commercialization.


Infectious Disease
Neuroscience. Oncology.

The company holds exclusive licenses, issued patents, patents pending and trademarks. We have patents in sectors such as:

Regulatory Testing
Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Drugs
Medical Informatics
Monitoring Technology
Drug Delivery Systems
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