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About Us

Providing Standardization for Public Health and Public Safety

Vyripharm® is a leading biopharmaceutical/biotechnology innovator in personalized medicine. Vyripharm’s mission is the integration of traditional and alternative medicine. Vyripharm’s focus is to integrate medical platforms in diagnostic & therapeutic applications in disease areas of infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and cancers.

Vyripharm® is also uniquely positioned to become the standard and exclusive sole source of government-approved licensing for tracking, tracing, certifying, compliance monitoring, and testing for Medical Botanical products slated for human consumption or medical treatments to maintain and improve public health and safety.

Vyripharm® also integrates bio-medical informatics and block-chain technology into a global data collection system for better understanding of diagnosis, therapeutic and treatment outcomes, with the integration of R&D to address different disease states and public safety requirements.

The company has patents in sectors such as Regulatory Testing, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Drugs, Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, Monitoring Technology, and Drug Delivery Systems. The company holds exclusive licenses, issued patents, patents pending and trademarks.

Our BioSync™ Platform

The first and only platform that integrates Agribiopharmaceuticals/Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical/Biotechnology data acquisition and management.

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Our Team

Since its inception, Vyripharm has added teams of scientist, doctors, medical and business professionals who have a desire to improve public health and public safety.

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Vision & Values

Helping people live better lives by providing Standardization for Public Health and Public Safety

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